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Hahns Macaws Baby



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Description: The Hahns Macaw is the Smallest of the Macaw Species. A hand-raised Mini Macaw is an amazing beginner bird. They are small, easy to handle and very social. These macaws can learn to talk, immitate sounds and voices when worked with. They love to play around and can be quiet the entertaining bird. Seeds, Pellets, Fruits, Vegtables and Nuts can be given as well as anything you eat. Avacados and Chocolate should NOT be given as they are toxic to birds. Due to being so playful they should be offered a variety of toys and places to forage at. To keep your bird social make sure to bring them out with you and the entire family.
Health of Bird:
It is our Desire to sell only healthy birds. You are encouraged to take the bird to an Avian (Bird) vet within 2 days from date of sale (obviously if you are purchasing a hand-feeding bird we are asking you to take the bird purchased to the vet once you pick it up from the store). Should the vet find any serious health problems and you bring documentation, we will issue you store credit or exchange the bird.
We cannot exchange or give credit for the following reasons: Change of mind, jealousy (by other pets), allergies (we do sympathize) or lack of allowance of adjustment time fot the bird to its new surroundings. When bird is purchased you will recieve a care sheet explaing the proper acclimation times, the variety of foods, fruits and vegtables to feed your baby. As always our Staff is always a phone call, e-mail or message away for all of your questions and or concerns.


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